Our Garden Fresh Dinner

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The Tucker gardens produced 2 huge Squash along with a couple grape tomatoes! πŸ… We were so excited and stoked to cook with them!


I decided I wanted to make a Squash Casserole along with Snap Peas. ☺
First, to speed up cooking time we sliced the quash and steamed it for about 10 mins with a lil chopped white Onion.

New and Improved garden


After not being able to really enjoy being outside due to the “texas Heat”. I decided to start redoing my flower bed. After 7pm the sun is on the other side of the house which insures SHADE! Sooo i noticed how outgrown ,y flowers were and the were weighing themselves down bad. I had to clip them and removed the old white fence. I added some Red Mulch which really improved the look. I found a wood fence which will border the flower bed. It was a tan natural coor so i bought some white paint. This project is fun so far!! We plan on expanding the flower bed down our side walk.