Sometimes life gets sour…

It’s Saturday July 1st and we just put 3 out of our 5 kiddos down for bed. The Manny Pacquiao fight is on and I see my husband and his friend eagerly starting at the screen to see who is throwing the best punches as well as dodging them. I am sitting back just going over life and I can’t believe I am where I am. I still can’t fathom all the events that have gone down over the past year and a half. I would never have thought my life would be the way it is now. Continue reading “Sometimes life gets sour…”


• Donation Info •

Hey there to all of our supporters!! I have been soo emotionally drained and “momming” that I haven’t been able to post a new update with all the info you have asked for.  🙏

We have had an influx of “Where can we send donations?” messages.

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