One year ago today… 💔

One year ago today our life changed forever…

I still can’t believe it has been one year ago since our life was ripped apart. It is “somewhat” all over but the pain is still felt and the wounds are still deep. I won’t go into details because it honestly hurts as bad as it did a year ago.

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Friday Field Day!!

Today was Allie (2nd grade) and Aidan’s (1st grade) Field Day!! They had a blast! Stinx tho because they each had to stay with their classes so I was running back and forth across the school trying to spend equal time with them!

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Friend or Foe?

Friends don’t run and hide
They try their hardest

Friends don’t make up excuses
They try their hardest

Friends don’t just throw away anything
They try their hardest

Friends don’t act a Fool
They try their hardest

If so then they WEREN’T you friend to begin with…

No friend can throw away a 6-7 year friendship, if so then in the end…

It was their lose…

Because they didn’t try their hardest.