Life…it happens.

It’s 12:43am in Burleson, Tx and I can’t help but stay wide awake as I think about life. As well as having a threenager fighting his sleep because he wants to stay up and hang with Mommy. Which really means to sit next to me while I scan Pinterest and Instagram on my phone. 😂

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Sometimes life gets sour…

It’s Saturday July 1st and we just put 3 out of our 5 kiddos down for bed. The Manny Pacquiao fight is on and I see my husband and his friend eagerly starting at the screen to see who is throwing the best punches as well as dodging them. I am sitting back just going over life and I can’t believe I am where I am. I still can’t fathom all the events that have gone down over the past year and a half. I would never have thought my life would be the way it is now. Continue reading “Sometimes life gets sour…”

♥ YouTube Channel(s) ♥

We have always had an amazing relationship with YouTube and after 58k+ views on our channel we decided to further our vlogs and blogs with our passion of what we call “life”.  We are in contact with YouTube when it comes to our urls so bare with us on that. We will of course keep everyone updated.

After the long and rough 5 months we are ready to just love on our kids and family more then EVER!! We want to document everything to be honest but we will keep it simple. 😉

EAKKK!!! We are soo excited to start this amazing journey!!!


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*Catch ya on the Flipside*

My family just missing Allie.
My family except we are just missing our oldest daughter, Allie.

Soooo it is with great pleasure I have decided to take a break from Facebook. It could be a week, a year, or forever but either way it won’t be missed. 😉 You can follow us on here for updates to see how we have managed and what we are up to! I will still keep my IG (@ericamtucker), Twitter (@ericamtucker), and Snapchat (@ericamtuckerr) but mainly for pics.  To be honest Facebook has been the least of my worries. ☺️

We as a family are trying to prepare for next year as well all tackle the Homeschool switch! We are soo excited!! It will be a busy next year so this “social media break” is MUCH needed. ☺️

If you have my Phone # you can always send me a text. ☺️📲 Or shoot us an email at

Have a Blessed and Joyful Year! 🎅🏼🎄

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Friends in low places

Sometimes in life God brings certain people into your life at just the RIGHT time and with pain comes Joy. There is always a rainbow after the storm
☔️ —-> 🌈

🔹I am that friend who wipes tears away.
🔹I am that friend who will kick @$$es while taking names for you.
🔹I am that friend who will drop everything to comfort you.
🔹I am that friend who can make you laugh when you are feeling down.
🔹I am that friend you can be proud of.

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October Fun

Wow it is a BEAUTIFUL Day in Burleson, Tx. The clouds and cold front just rolled in during our morning Garage Sale and I feel blessed! We were getting bomb barded by mosquitos and they decided to go away after they felt the winter chill ☺️. Yay for us and our bodies! Lol


And it is HOODIE WEATHER!!! I have been looking forward to this! 😉

Have a Blessed day! Off to close our Garage sale and then off to teach my babies about Jesus 🙏