Pumpkin Patch Fun Day!

We had a BLAST at the Carrying On Project Pumpkin Patch Playdate in Flower Mound, Tx!! It was the best one I have been too so far!! It was very cheap to be honest yet amazing!! Parking was $5 and hayrides are $2 which include a small (pie) pumpkin. The xs pumpkins were $.50 and we bought 4. The bigger pumpkins were so much a lb. (I didn’t buy a big one unfortunately)

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♥ Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, Tx ♥

It was a beautiful weekend this past weekend so we decided to have some fun with the kiddos. We had planned on heading out to Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, Tx on Saturday the 27th but had to change our olans to the 28th. Either way it worked out perfect!

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♥ John Paul White Concert♥

John Paul White.

Where do I begin?

John was part Duo of the Grammy Winning band “The Civil Wars“.  Billboard wrote an amazing article on how they formed and what they have accomplished. Some of their popular songs are beautiful which include “The One That Got Away“, “Poison and Wine“, and our FAV “Barton Hollow“. You may have also heard of “Kingdom Come” which was featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack and “Dust to Dust” which was featured on the 2013 Carrie soundtrack. They have had a ton of success which is normal for such an amazing group. Of course ALL of their songs are amazing even so when they are sung Live. We were crushed when they unfortunately announced their split in late 2012/early 2013. 😦 They had such an amazing vibe and their vocals together were pure magic. Of course we respect their hush reasons on the split but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss the hell out of them. 😉

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♥ YouTube Channel(s) ♥

We have always had an amazing relationship with YouTube and after 58k+ views on our channel we decided to further our vlogs and blogs with our passion of what we call “life”.  We are in contact with YouTube when it comes to our urls so bare with us on that. We will of course keep everyone updated.

After the long and rough 5 months we are ready to just love on our kids and family more then EVER!! We want to document everything to be honest but we will keep it simple. 😉

EAKKK!!! We are soo excited to start this amazing journey!!!


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We are FAMOUS!!!! Jk 😉

The Tucker’s are FAMOUS!!! No not really lol but close. Our Local news station (aka my FAV news station) Fox 4 News asked people to comment on their Facebook or Twitter thread with a photo of how we keep cool during this Texas Heat. I commented on their facebook post and was sooo surprised when I saw my friend tag me in a picture of Fox 4 using our pic on tv!!! I honestly had no idea they would even post it or such. No big deal because we are a Fox 4 Family!! My kids are going to love it sooo much when they see we made it on tv!!! Not to mention they used our family hashtag as well!! Eakkkk!!! #TheTuckerLife

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💖 Date Night 💖

Last night my Hubby and I were FINALLY able to have a Date Night!!! 😍 It is such a RARE moment in our life lately. We had a blast and laughed nonstop in our booth like a highschool couple. It was soo relaxing and nice to get away for an hour and a half to enjoy some alone time with my Luv.

I did document a few things! 😉🍴⬇️

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Jason Lanier’s story and why you CAN’T get into Six Flags New Orleans- Jazzland

How amazing!

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans- Jazzland

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 1.37.53 AMSo what is my connection to Six Flags?  Why do I love the place so much and can’t get enough of shooting it?  I just can’t quite explain it.  There’s something about the way it has a Walking Dead look, mixed with remnants of happiness that just gets to me. I love Urban Exploring and have done it all over the world, but there isn’t a place that draws me quite like Six Flags New Orleans.


Now let me get a few housekeeping things out of the way.

  • I have no official affiliation with the City of New Orleans or with Six Flags.
  • I DO NOT recommend going into Six Flags New Orleans.

Have lots of questions regarding the park, risks of going, what’s going on now?  

Click HERE to read our Frequently Asked Questions


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