♥ About The Tucker’s ♥

♥ Hi! I am Erica ♥


Welcome to the Tucker Life Y’all!

I am 32 years young ♥

I am a Jesus Freak ♥

I am a devoted wife ♥

I am a mother of 5 Beautiful kiddos ♥

Just a family living life!

Follow my personal IG account @ericamtucker
Follow our personal IG family account @thetuckelife

Follow our Family Twitter @thetuckerlifeyo

My Personal Twitter @ericamtucker

Our YouTube Channel “The Tucker Life Blog”

My Personal YouTube “Erica Tucker”
Look for our family hashtag #TheTuckerLife
Send us an email at:


Dad: Greg Tucker

Mom (me): Erica Tucker

Kids: Allie, Aidan, Alexie, Noah, and Jonah


♥ Our Family ♥


♥ My FAV Band is Incubus ♥

♥ Above is a picture from the Dallas concert from their 2015 Tour ♥

I took some amazing pictures with my camera that night!


I have a HUGE passion for babywearing!

♥ #wearallthebabies ♥


♥ My Husband, Greg Tucker ♥

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