2017 DFWNorml Marijuana March


I was honored to get the call the day before the March to ask if I would like to be a Speaker at the March so I could share our story. Without hesitation I said “Of Course!”. How amazing was this to be able to talk to people about our story and everything our family has been through. This was the perfect opportunity to share with our community how messed up this all is. (Here is our full story —> Click Here.)

I am not one to sit and bash a government but I am one to say this IS WRONG. No family should be ripped apart because of a plant that hardly partake in. If I could say we barely smoked that would be true. Our lives have gotten busier and busier but we were still functioning as a family. For 7 years I was a Bible School Teacher at my church and my Husband was a Surveyor. Our family didn’t go without. That is until my seizures started out of no where and we were informed how much they would cost. Even my rich friends couldn’t afford the $325 a month prescription. We did everything possible to be done with CPS and are now facing FIVE counts of Child Endangerment. YES, FIVE. Every time I say this I cry. We would NEVER hurt our children. Ever. You can ask anyone who knows us and they will say we are always with our children.  Our children are our life. Everything we do is because of them.

To get back on track…I have never been to any type of march, protest, or rally. This was new to me and I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to go to share our story and support DFWNORML. There was a welcoming feeling as we walked up tot Burnett Park in Fort Worth Texas. I was truly honored to be a Key Speaker. There is soo much I documented that I honestly will not be able to share it all. I ended up making a video so everyone can see how our day went.

Thank you for supporting our Family. It means soo MUCH to us!

I again want to say Thank You to Shaun McAlister and DFWNorml for inviting me to speak at the 2017 DFWNorml Marijuana March.

โ™ฅ The Tucker’s