Devoting my time to God 

Family, Jesus

I have been behind on blogging lately. Being a full time Mom, Teacher, and Wife has been keeping me very busy.

I wanted to catch you up and tell you we have found an amazing church to plug ourself into. After being with our previous Church for 8 years straight (a small break after the church moved around and then 17 years before) it was time to finally settle down were we felt the joy and peace of a home church that was true to our heart. We had always heard about OpenDoor Church but never attended until the Fall Festival in Oct ’16. Their band was amazing and singing praise music the whole time, the people were soo welcoming and full of joy, and we felt such an amazing presence while there.

We have been steadily attending since Dec 24, 2016 and we haven’t stopped! I am now up there 5x a week and I absolutely LOVE it!! There are some amazing people whom I have grown very close to in a matter of a month. I am soo glad God has lead us to this Church. Let’s not forget to mention their coffee is amazing too!

I have caught myself praying more, worshipping more, and thanking God for everything wether it is good or bad. My Bible has been open and written in more. As well as unused journals are starting to fill up with some amazing scriptures.



The second time I felt the joy of this amazing church was when I couldn’t attend a 3 day conference because we couldn’t financially afford the tickets. I was crushed because it seemed like it was calling my name everytime I saw the post! I was approached by an amazing women who said God put in her heart to buy me tickets. I was in tears when I read her pm. I just knew God wanted me there and he sent this amazing Angel to me. The conference was amazing. It was truly meant for me. I got soo much out of it and for the first time in 8 years was able to worship and raise my hands freely! It was such an amazing week. I am soo thankful God put this Church in our path. It has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait for more!! I say amazing way too much because it IS AMAZING!!

Until the next time….Blessings and Prayers your way!