The Tucker’s vs Johnson County

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I don’t even know where to begin to be honest…

Our Family has been through a lot this year over a natural plant that is somehow still illegal in Texas. It does no harm yet people are given ridiculous charges and sentenced to state prison because of it. Our dear friend Casey Mote wrote an amazing Blog too about our family and everything we have gone through since March 18, 2016.

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Our Story:

My name is Erica Tucker along with my Husband Greg Tucker. We have 5 beautiful children who mean the world to us.

Our story is long (but totally worth it) so please bare with me…I have suffered from seizures for 2 1/2 years and on march 18th I had one of my worst grand mal seizures everrr. I couldn’t afford the $325 a month medicine since I wasn’t able to get on my hubby’s insurance until August when new member signups opened up. I was researching for natural cures and came across marijuana. I smoked it mainly because that was only way to really get it in my system. I was also still nursing my youngest son and had ZERO idea it would even transfer. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ #bible On march 18th I was transported via ambulance to the hospital and when they asked if I nursed I said yes not even thinking it would be a big deal. They immediately called CPS on me without us knowing and they showed up at our hs that evening and removed our 5 kids. I was a sahm that homeschooled our kids as well as a bible school teacher for 7 years. I am not a bad person nor neglected our children so we were just stunned and crushed at everything that went down. The drug tested our youngest (22 mths) and he tested slightly positive for cannaboids. No one was ever affected by the marijuana or hurt. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy on September 13th. I can’t say I am glad how everything came about with my diagnosis but it did make me open my eyes to this incurable disease. We dedicate our life to our kiddos. With the whole dilemma we have been going through since march our first attorney we wanted to hire (who is the head attorney guy for DFW NORML) wanted to know if we wanted to go public with our story but I just wasn’t sure yet because of the CPS case. We unfortunately couldn’t hire him to extremely low funds but he is such an amazing man! CPS ended up giving our case to the Burleson Police Dept and the BPD detective could’ve dropped the case but instead decided to pursue “child endangerment” charges against my Husband and I because I nursed while smoking. It has now gone to the Johnson County DA aka Dale Hanna and we are awaiting arraignment and then a trial. Now that the CPS case has officially been closed for almost a month it is now back on my mind. Do I think this campaign will actually help?? I have no clue. I am VERY open with our story and have no fears in sharing this whole ordeal. Our story is one that should be heard and I hope it touches the hearts of many people out there. No family should be ripped apart because of a natural medicine that is being legalized all over the US. This is such an expensive situation and we are just making ends meet with bills and a ton of late fees. Idk tho because it sounds crazy to me but our lawyer thought it was a good idea. Our babies are now home and all of them are being homeschooled and loved on nonstop. I hate that a family was torn apart because of a law that should be passed for legalization ( *ahem* Greg Abbott). We never lost the smile on our face throughout this all. We remained positive even tho we were breaking down inside.


We had our arraignment on Dec 13th and were given a “deal” (#eyeroll) of 6 months in State Jail/Prison at TDJC, 6 months at an in home Rehab facility, and 5 years probation. We pleaded not guilty and were given two court dates for a Pre Trial and Trial. We now have to call a number to see if our color comes up for random drug testing at $44 a PIECE (Greg and I). At $88 a week we are hurting soo BAD!! Our blog is being updated as I type with our story and we hope we can get some sponsors soon so we can pay our Lawyer his fees and catchup on past due bills. I am a stay at home mom who homeschools all of our kids and can’t work due to my sickness. My husband works soo hard to provide for our family but we are struggling soo BAD now. It is insane what we are being put through. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

**PLEASEhelp support us wether it be your voice, presence at court, or a donation to help cover Legal Representation**

I will post more updates via our website and you can also find us on Instagram, Fundrazr, Facebook, and YouTube.


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*Our campaign is to help raise money for Legal Support.

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(excuse any typos and run on sentences, it took me awhile to muster up the courage to post a FundRazr Account)

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