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John Paul White.

Where do I begin?

John was part Duo of the Grammy Winning band “The Civil Wars“.  Billboard wrote an amazing article on how they formed and what they have accomplished. Some of their popular songs are beautiful which include “The One That Got Away“, “Poison and Wine“, and our FAV “Barton Hollow“. You may have also heard of “Kingdom Come” which was featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack and “Dust to Dust” which was featured on the 2013 Carrie soundtrack. They have had a ton of success which is normal for such an amazing group. Of course ALL of their songs are amazing even so when they are sung Live. We were crushed when they unfortunately announced their split in late 2012/early 2013. 😦 They had such an amazing vibe and their vocals together were pure magic. Of course we respect their hush reasons on the split but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss the hell out of them. 😉

The Civil Wars Old YouTube channel before they were signed:


The Civil Wars New YouTube VEVO channel before they split up:


Both, Joy Williams and John Paul White have carried onto single projects.


Now onto how amazing our night with John Paul White on August 9, 2016…

When I found out John Paul White was going to be performing in Dallas I was in complete SHOCK and had to see him!!! I have never been to a small venue before so I was nervous and excited all at once! We arrived at 7:07pm and patiently waited right by the stage. We were sooo lucky to be in the front row! I was seeing John Paul White finally!

From my Snapchat : @ericamtuckerr

While we stood there waiting and claiming our spots I looked out the window and there he was, John Paul White standing outside the venue just chatting it up with a few people. I was in shock! Should I run and trample everyone at the door who didn’t notice him or nonchantly walk outside as if I didn’t see him?? I kind of did both! 😉 I stood patiently outside by him with one of the ladies that I made friends with inside until he finished his conversation with some fans and we both took pics of each other with him.

♥ My life was MADE. ♥



I stood soo patiently but finally had to do the “hi I am the obsessed fan staring at you” wave. Haha! He was sooo kind and just plain cool. He asked what my name was and I honestly didn’t know what to say. I stuttered a tad from all the nerves kicking in and we both laughed. We told him bye and that we would see him inside.

The concert featuring the opening act “The Secret Sisters” were beyond amazing!! Their harmonies were spot on! They are both sisters (obviously lol hence the name) and they were soo darn funny!


They performed “Let it be me” and man oh MAN was it amazing!! I was able to capture it by the way. 😉


Next came John Paul White…

WOWZA is one word on how you can explain this mans vocals.

No words, only pics and videos…

Here he is performing a new released song “Martyr” from his newest album, Beulah.

Here he is performing a new released song “What So” from his newest album, Beulah.

♥ Amazing. ♥

Now come the pics…


The Secret Sisters and his amazing guitars




The Secret Sisters did sing a few songs with him.

To top the night off….


Guess who was given his set list??


I WAS SOOO HAPPY and couldn’t believe it!!!

He signed it for me along with his 2 records we purchased.

He told me he hand writes it himself before every show. I am seriously soo lucky and thankful I was able to bring back this amazing piece home with me.

It was such an amazing night. If you haven’t listened to his music and The Civil Wars music I highly suggest you do so. WOW, is all I can say. You will be hooked.


Until next time…

♥ Erica Tucker ♥

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