The Tucker Fight Petition 

PLEASE make sure to go sign our Petition!!! In 24 hours we have had over 500 signatures!!! That is amazing!! We were also in the top 15% of Change.org’s Petitions!! That is beyond amazing!!

It is because of YOU, our amazing supporters!!

The Tucker Fight Petitiion

Thank you again for all of your support and shares!! We have reached people all over the WORLD!! Yes…I said WORLD!! 😍🌎

Love, The Tucker’s


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Hey there to all of our supporters!! I have been soo emotionally drained, working a new job, and “momming” that I haven’t been able to post a new update. One is in the works tho! I promise! 🙏🤞 

We have had an influx of “Where can we send donations?” messages. 

•We have a Fundrazr Page:

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Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and shared our story!! 

Thanks to Russ Belville and High Times for writing about and sharing our story! 

High Times Article

Russ Belville’s Post


2017 DFWNorml Marijuana March

I was honored to get the call the day before the March to ask if I would like to be a Speaker at the March so I could share our story. Without hesitation I said “Of Course!”. How amazing was this to be able to talk to people about our story and everything our family has been through. This was the perfect opportunity to share with our community how messed up this all is. (Here is our full story —> Click Here.)

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One year ago today… 💔

One year ago today our life changed forever…

I still can’t believe it has been one year ago since our life was ripped apart. It is “somewhat” all over but the pain is still felt and the wounds are still deep. I won’t go into details because it honestly hurts as bad as it did a year ago.

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Devoting my time to God 

I have been behind on blogging lately. Being a full time Mom, Teacher, and Wife has been keeping me very busy.

I wanted to catch you up and tell you we have found an amazing church to plug ourself into. After being with our previous Church for 8 years straight (a small break after the church moved around and then 17 years before) it was time to finally settle down were we felt the joy and peace of a home church that was true to our heart. We had always heard about OpenDoor Church but never attended until the Fall Festival in Oct ’16. Their band was amazing and singing praise music the whole time, the people were soo welcoming and full of joy, and we felt such an amazing presence while there.

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The Tucker Fight Facebook Group

Hey there for everyone who follows our #thetuckerfight story!

We have some AMAZING news that I just posted on our Facebook Group Page!!

Here is the link:

The Tucker Fight Facebook Group

We appreciate everyone’s support!!

♥, The Tucker’s


The Tucker’s vs Johnson County

I don’t even know where to begin to be honest…

Our Family has been through a lot this year over a natural plant that is somehow still illegal in Texas. It does no harm yet people are given ridiculous charges and sentenced to state prison because of it. Our dear friend Casey Mote wrote an amazing Blog too about our family and everything we have gone through since March 18, 2016.

View More: http://caseymotephotography.pass.us/the-tucker-life

Our Story:

My name is Erica Tucker along with my Husband Greg Tucker. We have 5 beautiful children who mean the world to us.

Our story is long (but totally worth it) so please bare with me… Continue reading “The Tucker’s vs Johnson County”